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Paltan Games is a game development company focused on creating the most addicting mobile games. The most important thing at Paltan is that the games must have unique ideas, ideas that have never been used in games before. The main motto is to make games 'easy to understand, difficult to master'. The aim is also to create games that can be played anywhere, anytime, without having to worry much about the amount of time that one may be able to devote to the game.

Paltan Games is a team of passionate, creative people who take great pleasure in coming up with new and unique ideas and have the determination to keep working until the idea has been implemented.

It consists of people who are enthusiastic not just about creating games, but also about playing games, which gives them a wider thinking field. Here, we believe in small teams where everyone has a great contribution in bringing a game to life.


The people behind the games

Shreyas Nisal


Shreyas is a BITS - Goa student (class of 2022), pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Physics.

Namita Nisal


Artist, photographer and a traveler. Namita is a UX Designer currently leading design at Nokia for the Deepfield product.